What would our Founding Fathers think about America today?

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Our Founding Fathers would be horrified at how greatly and tragically our politics of today has strayed from their brilliant guidance. This remarkable group of 18 men gave their lives to create a blueprint for a nation, the first of its kind in history, of free man, something the politicians of today are seeking to dismantle.

Our Founding Fathers believed that smaller, less intrusive government was necessary in enabling men to be free, to determine their lives by and for themselves and their families, but politicians of today work tirelessly to have our citizens' lives determined by elitists and non-elected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. What the power mad politicians of today are doing, and how this is radically transforming the United States of America, turning it into an unrecognizable country nothing like what our Founders had in mind, would horrify the great men who founded this country.

The combination of today and our Founding Fathers would result in these great men working on another revolution to free its nation's citizens. As Benjamin Franklin so brilliantly said, "We give you a Republic, if you can keep it." Well, we have proven in 2011 with the individuals we have put in charge in Washington that we have not been able to keep it, and another radical transformation is necessary if we stand any chance of being the exceptional nation that our Founders created.

This nation that our Founders created has not only flourished in its more than 200 year history, it has become the greatest nation in the history of the world. Tragically, those in charge in Washington now are working ceaselessly to destroy our nation's greatness, and as such, its people, who are unique in the world, in their individualism, in their strength, in their determination, in their confidence in their place in the world, and in their optimism. Our Founding Fathers would not recognize each other in what our people have been forced to become in this new world that has strayed so far from what our nation was meant to be.

Remember, that when our nation was founded, it was thought by the great men who created our nation that the less time that Congress was in session, the better it was for the people, who placed more trust in themselves and their self-determination that in either elected or non elected elites far removed from them in Washington, and in 2011 we can see full well that those who created the United States of American over 200 years ago were 100% right. America will not have very many chances left to recover what is left of itself from its origination.

What was created by men like George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Gouverneur Morris and the rest of these amazing men has been chipped almost to death by the small men and women coming after them who have tried with horrifying success to make America into an unrecognizable, and unworkable, leftist utopia. These have been tried, and have never worked, and never will.

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