How Do the Principles of Democracy Help Define What it is to be an American?

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American’s traditionally pride themselves on their expressions of freedoms and opportunity. America, as a nation, had endured discontent and resistance both at home and abroad and the legacy and lessons learned continue to influence and shape future generations to come.

The principles of democracy have shaped American politics, its people and its relationship with foreign nations. Our family value structure and kin-based relationships are formulated uniquely based on one's believed measure of social responsibility and level of conformity to their system of beliefs. A nation blended and stirred by ethnic and religious differences, American culture is uniquely unduplicated. Under a collective umbrella of democratic principles, individual morals, values and beliefs shape what it means to be an American.

These individual beliefs and views we as Americans share are a common trust in the principles of democracy and the leadership of this nation. Even in times when our leaders fail, the system of democracy continues on and so does the American Way of life. The role of the government in the lives of American’s change often; how much government regulation on business, welfare programs and reform initiatives adjust by the administrations voted in to office. Though there are differences between Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, all Americans utilize these principles of democracy to support their political and social agendas.

America is a multi-cultural nation whose role as a global superpower is maintained by the status-quo of its people, economy, and overall ability to amend, reform, and protest its laws accordingly. Times change and so do people; their perception, moods, trends and fears. Nations are no different, and with advancements in technology the world has become a global market for industry. A heightened awareness of the political, social, and economic differences among nations has brought American democracy to areas all over the globe.

The personal freedoms granted by the principles of democracy which American’s hold so dear; help secure our right to question, comment, and even contest any and all forms of oppression. The American people believe government’s role is to serve its people, not the people’s role to serve government. American pop culture has infiltrated foreign countries across the globe, and the American way of life has become a dream of many people around the world.

Our influence is made possible only by our understanding that the fundamental personal freedoms American’s have are only our right, if we exercise that right accordingly. The importance of our right to assemble, freedom of speech and the freedom of press is the backbone to the American way of life. These principles have strengthened in the 21st century by the ever expanding advancements in technology. Issues and candidates are more recognizable than ever, with the global access of the internet.

The struggles endured by our nation whether abroad or at home strengthen our nation’s resolve. Often exemplified in moments of heartache and tragedy, Americans cast aside their differences and unite under the democratic principles that founded this great nation over two hundred years ago.

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