Did you know ,the Phillipines was an American colony, you don't need a passport to go Guam, and Hawaii had a queen? All facts supporting why Pax Americana is a modern empire.

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For some it's hard to believe that the United States of America is an empire or can be compared to other ancient empires for example Rome. In general most people that have studied American history know that the USA started out as a land conquered by various European world powers assimilating natives and importing slaves that eventually became one nation through war and sheer determination. America is an empire and I'm going to state my opinion and facts supporting why I believe it's an empire.

Pax Americana is Latin for American peace, the Roman empire as had an era of peace called Pax Romana. Already the USA has been on the path of to becoming a hegemony or sole world super power for quite sometime in its brief existence as a country. The main argument of America being an empire is that it has no emperor, but none of the American presidents have ever been female. The definition of emperor is the male sovereign or supreme ruler of a country and the main definition of a president is the highest executive officer of a modern republic, as the chief executive of the United States. These two definitions sound extremely similar and Rome was also a republic. The main way to start an empire is by going to war against other powerful world powers and acquiring their land by defeating them in war and colonizing the other world power's territory.

The Americans first went to war to gain their independence against the British empire and then against the Spanish empire in 1898 to gain more territory and expand. This is one reason why Pax Americana is a modern empire. The war between Spain and the USA was very short it only lasted three months. Although the war was brief it still resulted in dramatic changes such as Puerto Rico, Guam, and Philippines all becoming common wealth's of the USA. Another war broke out between the USA and the Philippines America won the war and the Philippines became a common wealth of the USA until the end of WWII. Believe it or not that is why if you're a US citizen you do not need a passport to go to Guam even though it is geographically located closer to the Philippines and Japan than it is to the western mainland coast of the United States. America's imperialism has stretched far and wide, Hawaii is another US owned territory that is located closer to Japan than mainland America, but a passport is not needed to travel there because it is a state. Hawaii is the most reason addition to the USA becoming a state in 1959 nine years after my mother was born!

Hawaii is a chain of islands located in Polynesia which is located in the Pacific ocean. Hawaii has had a long history before the USA was officially even a nation the natives of the islands have been living there thousands of years before any contact with Europeans or Africans. Queen Liliuokalani was the last official monarch to ever rule over the Hawaiian islands, unfortunately her rule over the kingdom lasted only two short years. Mostly American and few European conspirators rallied together a plot using native Hawaiians also against the current monarchy to overthrow the queen from her throne. The plot was successful involving the U.S. military. There are many more reasons why Pax Americana is a modern empire, but the above mentioned are just a few supporting the facts that is and will mostly like continue to be one for quite sometime.

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